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    HELP!!! having problems joining segment archive files
    can anyone pliz tell me how do i join segment archive files?...actually i downloaded a video but these are in segments of avi files and the computer recognizes it as a Betterzip file but doesn't do anything...can anyone pliz advice me on how do i join it so that i can enjoy the video

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    Would the file names be like part1.avi.001 part1.avi.002 and so on ?
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    Usually you double click on the first file in the series and it'll unzip and piece it together on it's own.

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    Without knowing what type of archive file you have, it's difficult to say exactly what to use. I'll hazard a guess that it's a RAR archive (the most typical segmented archive type), so try UnRarX and see if that opens it. If not, please post back more details of what you have (the file extension in particular).

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    Having issues with finding correct .avi joiner application
    Hi- I have several .avi files and would like to join them into one .avi file to be converted and to be burned as a VCD. I can use iVCD to convert the final file, but need help joining the segmented files. I tried Jigsaw and you need to pay to use the full version. Is there a freeware out there that can do this? Thanks!

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