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    Using VisualHub to burn DVDs?
    I've used VisualHub to burn DVDs a few times before, but yesterday I used it for the first time in a while and after three tries I still can't get it to successfully burn a disc.

    I started off with 9GB free space and wanted to burn a video file of 750MB. Surely this should be more than enough space for VisualHub to complete the burning process. Each time I tried though, it gave me a message about running out of space on my hard disk. I had to cancel the operation and found that I had gone from 9GB free space to ZERO.

    More worryingly, when after the most recent attempt I deleted the files VisualHub had created during the process, I was left with only 5GB. Why is that? Does the program store secret files away somewhere I don't know about or something?

    Is there an easy way to just burn a video file to DVD (it's about two hours long and the file size is 750MB, as I said) -- should I be using something else? It's been so long since I last used VisualHub but I don't remember ever running into a problem before.


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    Have you tried idvd from ilife? That might fit what you need.

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