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    Neo Office help re sorting issues
    I have Neo Office and it sorts properly within the spreadsheet once the specific cells are highlighted. It will continue to sort on the specified cells until you save the spreadsheet and close it.

    When you reopen a saved spreadsheet it does not remember the saved sort criteria and it has to all be re-entered. A huge PITA for someone that has to change dates and resort the data on a day to day basis.

    It is the same if you open an Excel spreadsheet. It does not recognize the sort criteria that was saved on the PC and now opened on the Mac.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this just not an available option? JS

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    *Moved thread to appropriate forum - Question on NeoOffice, an OS X app not OS X itself*

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    Hi Strudel,
    Not quite sure what your problem. In both NeoOffice and Excel I can sort columns, save and exit. Next time in columns are still sorted and my previous sort criteria are saved. Is it just the fact that you save on one machine and open on another? Does it work just using the original machine?
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    Sorry for posting in the wrong section. Thanks for moving it.

    Maybe this will help as I posted it in a Neo Office help forum.

    I am trying Neo Office on a Mac using Leopard. I also have a PC which I use Excel and do a lot of sorting on a day to day basis. NeoO does sort but does not remember any of the sort criteria.

    If you select Data>Sort it highlights from the first top lefthand cell to the last bottom righthand cell. But it only starts after any header type information if you use a blank line between the header and data otherwise it tends to include header data.

    When you save and exit it does not remember any of the criteria when you open the file the next time. As such it becomes awkward and time consuming each time you open the file to re-enter the sort criteria.

    I've tried the filter function but am not sure if I am using it correctly. I am used to MS Excel which you set the criteria and it remembers no matter how many times you do it in the same session or the next time you open the file.

    I have also tried "select range" and name it and again it only remembers the name when in the current session. Saving and exiting does not save those perameters and is always lost when opened again.

    I have tried this in the Spreadsheet and Calc programs and they act identically. Sorting is a major issue for a spreadheet or database file.

    Even the MS Office for Mac acts the same way and I was told by their tech support that their own product is incapable of doing what their normal MS Office does.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this an inherent glitch in the program. JS

    I am using it only on the Mac. If I recall when I save it and go to the PC it sees the sort information so I am wondering if it is a coding issue between Neo Office and Excel.

    The response I got from above was that it won't remember and it's in development for V3.00 and still is buggy and only remembers some of the time. It is possible that it is a Leopard issue as I am presently having my OS re-installed due to a networking issue and they think it is from the Mac OS. So we shall see tomorrow when I get it back how things work. JS

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