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    New to Mac got a software question
    Hey guys I am new to mac and I have some questions about software and I hope you guys can help. My first question is is there a program for mac that works like outlook? and how do you guys feel about limewire is it hazardous to install limewire onto the system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nothing is hazardous to install as long as you know exactly what you're doing.

    As for "what works like Outlook" -- depends on what features you need. If you just mean e-mail, the Mac Mail application should do. You might want to check out Mozilla's stuff...

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    I don't really have a comment on the Limewire question, however, I may be of some assistance discussing your email client. If you're looking for a good mail application, your Mac came with one, Mail. Between Mail, iCal and Address Book, you already have most everything Outlook does. And they are integrated quite well!

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    Suggest you leave Limewire out. Do a Google 'Limewire and Leopard' and see the myriad of problems this software is having with the new cat. As John says use Mail.

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