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Thread: MS Office Slow

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    MS Office Slow
    hey guys,
    i'm new to the forums but have had my macbook since june 06... i bought it when they came out... it's a core duo 2ghz and 512mb ram...

    sorry if this is question has been asked already but my problem is that ms office (word, powerpoint etc.) runs extremely slowly on my mac...not only does it run slowly but it slows down my entire computer to the point where opening up a web page or itunes takes forever...anyone experience this problem...i know others who have a macbook and they don't have these issues...any help is appreciated

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    What problem? Sounds like MS Office is working normally.

    Seriously...throw memory at it. Another gigabyte would help a great deal with Office and everything else, for only another $25 or so from Crucial.

    And if you're running Office 2004, you may get a boost from upgrading to Office 2008, which is a Universal Binary. However, you will also lose some features.

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