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    help! itunes won't open???!!!!!
    ok, so my buddy and i were viginizing my iphone last night, and when we went to reactivate it through itunes it started messing up. first itunes started giving me some error messages about how it couldn't activate my phone, then we got that cleared up. well this morning i go to open itunes and it just bounces in the dock for awhile then stops bouncing and nothing happens. if you watch the processes on activity monitor it looks like it tries to open then just disappears. has anyone else had this same problem?? or know how i can fix it??

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    this maynot be the best option...but maybe you could reinstall itunes...
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    yea we did that a couple times last night and kept having problems. i just fixed it though. i had to go through and delete every file (except my music library) that was associated with itunes and empty the trash. then restart my cpu, then re-download itunes, then restart, then install itunes, then restart, then delete the disk image and empty the trash. now its working finally!

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