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    Can't download torrents with Opera
    I am new to my Macbook having left my PC in the dust approx 6 months ago. I also am not very familiar with torrents. However, I am trying to download some torrents using Opera. Unfortunately, I cannot get the files to download. The file shows in the Transfer window, but does not download. Any help would be great since I am new to Macs and torrents.

    BTW---I have been unsuccessful on my home network and the open network here at the hospital (wife just had surgery and downloading these files would be a great time killer). Thanks!

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    That is weird - mine download just fine and have always done so - I did not need to "tweak" it at all. Try this page to see if it is enabled:

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    It is enabled with listen port 18768. Any idea how to test the listen port to make sure it is not blocked?

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