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Thread: Stumbi: Stumbleupon plugin for Safari

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    Stumbi: Stumbleupon plugin for Safari
    Here's a plugin I found for those looking for the StumbleUpon plugin for Safari. You can finally give up firefox altogether.


    Stumbi is a StumbleUpon plugin for Safari (click here if you do not know StumbleUpon). A solution to the oldest problem in existance. The only path forward for mankind.

    It's not beatiful, not very feature-filled, not yet at least, but it works. And it is stable. And it makes your life just a little, little bit easier, smoother and nicer. More features coming up in future versions.

    As much as I'd like to just give this away for free, I'm currently unemployed and in great need of cash =) So please, consider spending $2. I'll give full support, and if you encounter any issue I'm unable to solve, you'll of course have your money back.

    Works on PPC and Intel (Leopard + Safari 3.1)

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    Mar 26, 2008
    Has anyone had any luck compiling this??

    I keep getting errors from the Connection source.

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    You did pay the $2 and buy the software right?

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    Mar 26, 2008
    Nope; not that I have a problem to. I am just playing around with source code for my first time as a hobby and enjoy the challenge of trying to figure it out but both my CSE major friend and I have yet to figure out the root of the syntax errors.

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