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Thread: Crossover on mac problem, help please!

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    Crossover on mac problem, help please!
    Hey guys, I recently bought Crossover, which is an application that replicates windows operating system without actually loading windows, allowing me to run windows programs on OSX. I just bought World In Conflict, and it installed just fine via crossover. However, when I run the game, a problem arises. Right when I double click it and it starts to run, I get this message: "No aspi layer found on your system. This is necessary for successful authentication."
    I think that this is a windows cd rom drive, however, obviously since I am on my macbook pro, this is a problem. Any ideas fellas? I am absolutely dying to play this game! Thank you SO much to anyone and everyone who responds.

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    All i know is crossover mac doesnt run all games.. iv been using the demo and the only thing that works for me of what i have is TF2

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