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    Unhappy dvd player - director's commentary won't turn off!
    I have a macbook pro - operating system OS X 10.4.11

    For some unknown reason, I can't get the director's commentary to turn off on a particular movie. I tested it on my housemate's laptop running Windows and it worked fine. It also worked fine when I tested it on a TV & dvd player. But it won't shut off on my mac! Has anyone else ever had this problem?

    It's driving me crazy! I really want to watch this, and would love to watch it on MY machine, and not my housemate's dinky one.

    Any suggestions??

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    this option should be available to you in the dvd menu (audio submenu)...
    where are you trying to turn it off from...what exactly happens when u try it?

    try changing it from the menu bar >features >audio
    << i can explain it to you...but i can't understand it for you... >>

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