Macbook OS X 10.5
2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 duo

Photo booth is being a pain in my you know what! It all started on Friday when I got on my Macbook and i didnt have photo booth, idvd and iphoto. I called Apple and they had me re-install these programs. Well they were installed successfully except for photobooth. These are my problems

1) It doesn't have the "new" effects (beach backround, polka dots)
2)Doesn't have the video camera setting
3)Doesn't have the actual "photobooth style" pictures
4) DOESN'T EVEN TAKE PHOTOS. <~ thats the BIG problem
5)After attempting to take a photo, nothing in photo booth is responsive. Everything that is "clickable" goes grey and photo booth-files-help at the top of the screen isnt present.- Can only close ctrl click quit in dock.

My isight is on and it is working in other programs.
I have gone through all these things to try and get it to work.
1) Restart computer
2)re-install photobooth (three times, 1st was ALL those programs)
3)Resetting PRAM
4)Turning computer off, taking battery out, holding start for 5 seconds...all the good stuff.
5) Software updates
6) Combination update? Suggested on discussion boards<~ this made it worse because then my isight wasnt working til i did #4...again

PLEASE HELP! I love apple but their website isn't helping a bit