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    Unhappy Font Book collections don't SAVE
    I got a new imac last fall, and I have had one issue that I can't get resolved. Even the apple store employees have never heard of this problem. Essentially, I can't save collections at all in Font Book. I can create new ones and put all kinds of fonts in them, but as soon as i close out Font Book, the collections cease to exist. The actual fonts are still present, albeit in one gigantic list in the "Font" column. Anyone have any suggestions on this problem? Thank you in advance!


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    THis will not fix fontbook but is a better font manager, especially for lots of fonts

    If you really want to manage your fonts well I suggest the suitcase (another font management tool - not free) guide (the guide is free) SC/EN/P/Fonts_Best_Practices_in_OSX.pdf

    Just substitute use Suitcase with use Linotype FontExplorer

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