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    Mar 07, 2008
    Ahhh! Crazy fonts! What gives? Please help!
    I recently re-installed my operating system, and ever since, google and some other sites are displaying really crazy fonts:

    Google Funny Fonts Help!.jpg

    This site, and others that supply their own fonts seem to be working fine. Google and gmail are crazy.

    Any ideas?

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    Mar 07, 2008
    With any luck, this should be a larger version of the same file.

    Google Funny Fonts Help!.jpg

    Thanks is advance!

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    change your font, thats a simple fix, I have no idea why it would be doing this though

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    Also try using MainMenu to clean all the font caches - that usually helps

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    *Moved thread to appropriate forum - Question is not on Web Design and Hosting but on OS X web browsers*

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    I love font book. Until I read this thread I didn't know it existed. How cool.
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