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    WMV plays slowly on Quicktime
    I installed numerous wmv decoders (eg:FlipWMV) and i'm not sure which one is installed. I tried playing a wmv file and it takes a long time load, around 4-5 seconds. I'm using Leopard. Is anyone else having the same problems for me?

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    Flip4Mac is the playback engine for wmv content. There are a lot of variables when thinking about why any particular video might not be playing back properly, or in the right time frame. I guess the first thing to ask, in your case, is for a link to the video you're trying to play. If you post that, then we can try it out and see if does the same thing. Aside from that, I heard that the latest version of F4M functions a little differently with regards to streaming video...and in fact, it does not stream now, but has to download first.
    I might suggest you get on the F4M forum, <a href="">HERE</a>, and ask their moderator about these related issues.
    And finally, here's a link to some wmv content for you to test. See if any of those require excessive time to playback.

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    thanks Antonio for your help.

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