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    Unhappy sending garbled messages with mac mail 3.2
    Hi there, my friends have been tearing their hair out lately because of emails I have been sending them. I think it is all to do with the way I have been forwarding on emails with attachments.
    Under the older OS I was used to dragging and dropping attachments, pics etc to the desktop and then dragging back into new emails. When I do this now my recipients are receiving emails with blank "subjects" and sometimes blank "froms". The emails are totally full of garbled text.
    I now realise that I should simply press "Forward" then edit the emails to get rid of the garbage and then " Send". But even this method seems to create problems at times.
    Is this something that Leopard Mail has changed ? Has anybody else had the same problem ? Are there any more details I should be aware of when forwarding attachments etc ? Thanks for any advice.

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    *Moved thread to appropriate forum - Question on an OS X application*

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