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    Gmail with Mail: way to reconfigure?
    Hi. I have my G4 desktop at my apartment, with all my other gear, but have a laptop i use when I am back home at my mom's. Like today. I can access my Gmail from either, but i much prefer to use Mail. I can download my Gmail to MacMail on the laptop, but the problem with that is, when I go back to my apartment it won't download, as it's already download to the laptop.

    Is there a way to set up Gmail so that with a macbook or with my desktop I can download existing Gmail, but not have it "leave" Gmail? In other words, message XYXY sits at Google's servers, and I download a copy of it from either computer.

    Can you help me do this? Thanks so much for any help.
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    Configure mail to use imap, not pop.

    You must enable gmail for imap first.

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