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    iTunes Album Artwork on external HDD?

    so, basically I have two libraries, one on my 120GB internal HDD, which is about 9GB. That's the one I use at university, or when I'm on holiday. The second library is the one I use when I'm at home. It's stored on an external hard drive (500GB), and it's about 200GB of music (~38'000 songs). This works all very well, but my problem is that the album artwork, even for library #2, is still stored on my internal HDD (iTunes/iTunes_HOME/iTunes Library/Album Artwork). I then tried closed iTunes, moved that folder to my external drive and reopened iTunes. When I fired iTunes up again, at first there was no artwork, but seemingly everything is also embedded in the files, because quickly iTunes reloaded every piece of cover art AND recreated my artwork folder on my internal HDD, just the way it was.

    So basically I think iTunes doesn't even need that folder (because the pictures are embedded in the files, anyway).

    And the problem is that I've begun to sort everything in my HOME music folder, adding artwork and stuff. I've renamed (+ album art added) 240 songs until now, and my artwork folder alone is already reaching 12MB. So, 38'000 / 240 =158.3. 158.3 * 12 = 1.9GB (is my math right? I study law, and I don't know **** about science stuff lol..). But: I don't want to waste 2 gigs of internal space on pictures.

    Any possibility to perma-move the artwork folder to my external HDD?


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    You may need to move the xml file to the external as well to get it all to move

    Copy the library xml file to the external

    start itunes with the alt key pressed and you see this screen:

    Select the library file you just copied to the external and now both your music and the library are on the external

    You can now delete the stuff off your macbook

    You can also use the choose library dialogue to switch between your large music collection on the external and a smaller music folder on the macbook if you wish

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