I bought my first mac two days ago, and earlier today I installed AOE II Gold Edition and StarCraft (with Broodwar). But none of them works.

Regarding AOE I get following message: Could not initialize graphic system. Make sure your video card and driver are compatible with Directdraw. Error." This happens after the intro video, and then the game exits. Ive tried turning down my screen resolution with any luck.

Regarding StarCraft: Installing went ok, but when I try to launch the game my Mac thinks for about two seconds, and it pops up a light under the icon at the dock, and the it just dissapears, and it is like nothing has happened.

Ive updated AOE to 1.05, and StarCraft to the newest version available at Blizzards homepage.

Hope anyone has a solution for these problems. Would really hate to install Vista at day two.