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    Flip4Mac streaming performance on MacBook Pro

    This is my first post on my first Mac! I recently installed Flip4Mac to stream/view .wmv content and am happy that it works on Safari and Firefox; however, the streaming quality is quite poor. Streaming videos on, for example, are glitchy and makes it hard to watch. Is anyone else having this problem? Your input will be greatly appreciated!


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    I have the exact same problem as you.
    I downloaded flp4mac because i needed to watch nba highlights.
    but the quality of the stream is extremely poor.
    i've watched it on pc's with no problem, and i don't think it is an issue with my internet speed, so i am quite annoyed by the poor quality stream.

    i just uninstalled flip4mac, i have vlc player, but when i go to to watch thier streams, it tells me that i need flip4mac. i thought there might have been a way that vlc can stream the content....

    if anyone has a solution/alternative to flip4mac to watch nba highlights that would be awesome.

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