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    Question iPhoto Book Question regarding "Travel Template."
    Hey, I just created an iPhoto book and sent in the order.

    Now, I'm trying to configure another one using the "Travel Template" and I am using the background that allows a full page picture background with a "torn" page description and smaller photo snapshot overlay.

    My question is that the preview of the full page background picture appears to be pixelated and blurry compared to the snapshot on top of it and the torn-page description on top of it.

    The digital photo is crystal clear - it is not because the native shot was blurry.

    Has anyone experienced this? Is this just pixelated and blurry in the software preview only - and does it print as a sharp - clear picture when the book is made?

    Here's a sample of what I'm talking about....

    I hate to send the book order in and find out the full page background picture looks like crap. Will this actually print clearly??

    What has been your experience?


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    blurry pics
    Hi, I just made my first book. The pics were a blurry as well in the computer version. They arrived nice and sharp. The book looks great. Hopefully that will be your experience too.

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