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Thread: iPhoto not working...

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    iPhoto not working...
    hey guys
    for some reason my iPhoto is being bizarre. my pictures are all still there.
    but when im looking at them the imagine doesn't show so i actually have to go through each picture and click on it to see which one it is.
    I put a a screen shot of it so you can see what it looks like.

    any thoughts on what i can do?


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    What version of iPhoto are you using? Tell us what you were doing before this behavior started and maybe we can help. Did you go into the iPhoto library in finder and do anything? Have you tried to rebuild the library? The instructions are here:

    Tell us more and we will try to help.

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    As skybolt has said. Someone has fooled around with your pictures folder.

    It looks like you have the latest iPhoto . Do a spotlight for the iPhoto library package and if it is anywhere else than your pictures folder drag it back .

    Or if you have dragged it somewhere else launch iPhoto holding down the option key and point to it's new location.

    If this fails do a rebuild follow skybolts link for how to do that.

    Good luck
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    Sorry it toke my sooooooo long to get back...
    but it ends up i did moved all of my pictures with out even know it...bizarre haha
    but i got it figured out now!

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