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    Making Speech Commands
    Is there any way to make new commands to the speech function? I have been messing around with it alot and its really cool! I have only made some webpages apear and so on, but I really need it to press Enter for me Anyone got any ideas if its possible??

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    Jul 14, 2008
    I searched it and found this website

    But I have found it very tricky and can't seem to get it to work, can anyone simplify it?

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    apples and oranges, just experimenting myself. Getting it to load up a webpage of your choice is quite simple. Download and install the firefox speech command pack, think its on lifehacker, ill maybe find the link.

    Once thats installed open the speakable items folder, and browse through till you find the firefox commands. Look for one that says 'open dig or open giz' basically one a voice command file that opens a website, then open it using the text editor.

    Now im sure it would be easy to copy and paste all the data within the file to create a new file, but im lazier than that. I editted the 'open dig' file, changed the url to what i desired and saved that.

    Then after closing the text editor i renamed the file to the site name, i actually changed it to the bbc site but named it
    'open b b c' to make it easier for the text editor to understand my meek voice. Finally when renaming the file make sure it has the extension open sitename.webloc

    it was that webloc extension that took me a while to find, relatively new to macs.

    Hope this is useful to anyone, im gonna try and get 'enter' working now

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