other day was going through my tiger install stuff and found a trial disk copy of iwork 06 (can't believe i didn't find sooner). so now have a few questions about this and if the mac will be able to get it to work. first, some of requirements to get working are a 500Mhz pc or faster of g4 or g4, i'm at 500Mhz (right at) but only using a g3 (upgraded ram). another thing (with gives me doubt) is that this copy of iwork needs 32MB of video memory, only i could not find anything to tell me if i got this or not. and a quicktime of 70.3 or later, and again not sure where this is(?). and lastly, about the app itself, and that it being a trial copy, if this is something i have to trash after a certain time or is it just some version of this app but not complete, etc. anyway if anyone's got something good, it would be big, think if works and when i figure to work it, would be something beneficial to the work i do, thanks bare spot