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Thread: Re-installing Microsoft AutoUpdate

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    Re-installing Microsoft AutoUpdate
    This is a slightly trifling issue but it's just bugging me...

    I have a G4 iBook with Office 2004 installed...

    somehow I have managed to delete AutoUpdate at some stage

    I have searched the original discs, re-installed Office and still no AU...

    I can find AU updates on Mactopia but not the original programme...

    Anyone have any bright ideas??

    Or should I just ignore it and update manually when I remember???
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    I ran into the same problem with a bunch of Macs where Office 2004 was "custom" installed. The solution was to go back in and re-do the install, selecting "All". It will over-write your existing Office programs, but will not harm any of your settings or documents. You will then have to do the updates because the versions will go back.

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    will give that a try... thanks so much
    Where's the right-click button?

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