As of today, May 7th, 2003, you are required to have a valid NON-FREE e-mail address to register and be a member of I have implemented this ban so as to keep the number of hacker/l33tists down, and to make this a more secure environment.

As of today, if you have a FREE e-mail address IE: Hotmail, Yahoo, or the such, you will be required to change your e-mail address and re-verify your new NON-FREE e-mail address. This can be accomplished by going into your USER CP and selecting EDIT PROFILE and then changing your e-mail address.

If you do not change your e-mail address, you will not be able to access your USER CP options and change things like your signature, utilize the PM system, or basically anything except read and post to the board.

I know a lot of people like the FREE e-mail accounts so they can keep their primary e-mail accounts spam free. I can tell you this, you will NEVER receive ANY spam from You might receive an announcement or two, but you will never receive any advertising or be put on any list as a result of being a member of

I urge everyone to check to make sure you are not using a FREE e-mail account, and to update your profile accordingly.

NOTE : There is a HUGE list of e-mail domains that are currently banned. If you feel that your e-mail address should NOT be banned, please feel free to e-mail me via support @, and I will be glad to take a look at your situation. You will know when you try to change your e-mail address if your e-mail address is not accepted by

Thanks for your time, and thanks for helping to make a more secure and pleasant place to be!