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    macbook and logic studio feedback
    looking for feedback from people using a macbook and logic studio. Trying to see how well Logic runs on the macbook (I have the macbook released last November with 2gb RAM) I am trying to decide should I get a macbook pro before getting Logic studio or if I"m fine running it on a new macbook

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    I've got a 2GHz with 2GB RAM MacBook (old one with the Core Duo, not even the Core Duo 2) and it works for me. I'm not doing anything too intensive with it on my MacBook, just a few track recording. Do the rest on my iMac. MacBook would probably handle it, but my iMac just does it a little faster and smoother.
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    It should run fine. I use a pro with similar specs and I've had projects that end up with nearly 50 tracks. I think 48 was the closest. You'll want an external monitor if you're doing anything serious though. I use the 15" MBP screen and a 22" LCD with the tracks on the lcd and the mixer on the MBP screen, trying to fit all of that onto a 13" screen to edit would probably add a good chunk of time to my recording sessions.
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