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Thread: How can I get my Mac to give a Mono Output

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    Feb 17, 2008
    How can I get my Mac to give a Mono Output
    I only have one giant PA speaker, sadly most music is made in stereo meaning that I'm missing a lot of whatever has been defined to the left channel, how do I make my mac output this sound in Mono?

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    You probably need some kind of stereo to mono lead

    No idea where you would find one nowadays tho

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    radio shack sells stereo to mono 1/8" plugs. cheap and they work just fine.

    i use one at work to listen to one earbud and not lose any thing in the opposite channel (handy especially when listening to the beatles or queen ).

    if you don't have radioshack where you are, i'm sure you could easily find something online.
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    thanks, the adapter only cost 2$ at radio shack

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