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Thread: Apple Logic Express and Mini Me

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    Apple Logic Express and Mini Me

    Does any one use an apogee mini me and Logic or Logic Express?

    I was wondering if that combo works?

    If not, does anyone use the Duet w/ Logic or Logic Express?

    Any Opinions?



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    I've never heard of Duet, but I know Apogee is a pretty big brand. If the box says it works for OS X and there's updated drivers on the site for Leopard, then it should work fine with Logic.

    The interfaces operate through OS X and logic just sees the multiple inputs as a sound card. I don't believe that there's any specific setup needed in logic once you have the device setup and working in OS X.

    What you might have to do and what can be often overlooked, is make sure you change your input option to the device your using in the "sound" menu in OS X's preferences menu.

    If you forget to do that you're likely to sit there banging your head against the wall because the properly installed device isn't sending or receiving a signal.
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