Hi, hoping for a bit of advice. We have a user at work who is now going to be interviewing people for work and turning these audio interviews into podcasts.

They have decided they want Final Cut Studio 2 to do this with which they think will help as in the future they can begin integrating video and the package also offers more versatility for the future.

I have several concerns with this and was just after some advice.

1 - I take it Final Cut studio can mix the audio and doesnt need video feeds as well (Im 99% sure it should but just want it confirmed!)

2 - How easy will it be for them to get to grips with Final Cut Pro (the person using this currently uses Photoshop, Indesign and Quark as everyday tools and has used Adobe Audition. My worry is the video editing will be much more indepth for this type of user and they will then turn round to me asking for help (I am experienced with Adobe Premiere and After FX but not Final Cut Pro)

3 - My biggest concern is how well will this run on on a 13" Macbook with 10.4.9, 1Gb Ram and 2.2Ghz Core2Duo. Personally I dont think this is the sort of machine for this task.

4 - Is logic a better bet for the audio and if so how well will this work on the above macbook

Thanks for any advice on this.