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    iTunes automatically playing newly downloaded music - How to stop it?
    Hi All,

    i've recently swtiched to a Mac and I never had this problem before.

    When I download music from the internet itunes will automatically start playing the last track downloaded as soon as it is done.

    This is annoying as if I am working on a document or *work* then the window automatically changes to iTunes - as I'm a touch typist I often dont notice and lose lord knows how much work and confuse itunes.

    I often queue up 10-15 downloads and I would like them just to down load happily in the back ground if I'm not using any bandwidth for anything else.

    I've taken to working on my mac book pro whilst the iMac downloads music - not ideal as the mac book pro is supposed to be my back up machine and for use on client site!

    so does anyone know how to stop it doing this!

    I've tried the obvious settings in preferences but - no joy.

    The itunes for windows doesnt do this!

    Any ideas welcome

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    powermacG5 2.3ghz 2gig ram running logicpro7
    If your using Safari to download it in Safari > Prefs > General Tab

    Then Untick the open safe files after downloading
    powermac G5 2.3Ghz 2 gig ram
    20" apple monitor
    macbookpro 2.16 100gigHd@ 7200rpm 2gig ram

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    Thank you!

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