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    built in speakers
    i got a MacBook as a graduation present this summer and the built in speakers worked for a few weeks. i am really into music, so i plugged it up to nicer speakers out of the headphone output on the side. when i took them out at the beginning, it automatically went to play through the internal speakers. no more.

    this is very upsetting to me because i cant have music to share w/ people when i take my computer places.
    any ideas on what to do to fix it or what i did wrong or any advice at all?

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    first thing i would do is check the audio settings in your system preferences, you may be able to switch it back on there (not on my mac right now, so i can't tell you exactly what settings to look for, but it should be pretty self explanitory).
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    i've tried that. ive searched through all of control pannel as much as i know how.
    any other suggestions?

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    System Preferences > Sound > Output

    If the system recognizes your speakers then it will come up there. The name will be Internal Speakers when nothing is plugged in, but when something is added then it should change to Headphones or something similar.

    If nothing then there is the chance your audio in line is broken.
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