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    Any way to set up a virtual CD drive that I can burn to?
    I have a bunch of iTunes music that I'd like to be able to listen to on my computer at work. However, at my job they've blocked the iTunes store, so I can't authorize the songs for my work computer. I did some searching and found that the only way around this is to burn the songs to a CD and re-rip them, but I have quite a few and really don't want to waste that many CDs. I know OS X handles virtual drives and disk images really well, but is it possible to burn a "virtual" CD? That is, is there some program that will emulate a CD-R inserted into a virtual drive that I can burn data to? Or is there another way to get my iTunes songs to play on a computer that can't connect to the iTunes store?

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    I think Toast is your best bet.

    Choose burn audio cd, select tracks and then under file > save as disc image

    That should work, hang on -I'll test it

    It works, open up Toast again and choose mount disc image under Utilities, it mounted my virtual CD and I could import the songs back in to iTunes

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