Hi, I'm in the process of taking 27 tracks I previously recorded and burning them to create a Master CD from which I will be making duplicate CD's that I will be selling as an audio companion to a course program.

I want the sound quailty to be high, so people don't complain, yet I don't want to create larger files than necessary.

I will also be making these tracks available for digital downloading so I don't want huge files if I can help it.

Ideally I would like to make these tracks, or portions thereof, available on iTunes - either as a free sample or directly for sale.

I would also like to have them on my website for people to listen to as a streaming audio -- or to purchase and download.

I don't know if I'll need to adjust the recordings for the different uses I desire - - -

The total track(s) time is 50 minutes and the total MB is 51.3.

The tracks are AAC audio files
Bit Rate 128 kbps
Sample Rate 44.100 kHz
Profile - Low Complexity
Channels Stereo
Encoded iTunes v 7.4.2 - Quick Time 7.2

My questions:

Should I be recording the tracks in AAC format or some other format?

Are the above settings optimal for Spoken word tracks which have front and back music fade in & out?

If not what should they be?

I have Amadeus Pro - on my MacBook should I use this for future recordings of additional spoken Word audio tracks?

If so with what settings?

I will want to be able to import some of these tracks into Profcast - if you are familiar with that program are there any settings I should use with it?

Any other advice you can provide would be great, thanks!!!