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    GarageBand Track Question
    I took my MacBook into my sons class to record them singing some songs. I recorded each new song (vocals only) as a new track in the same project. Can I burn individual tracks to a cd or convert individual tracks to mp3? I need to burn a CD for the class with all five songs as separate tracks.
    Thanks for any help!!

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    I think you would drag each song/track into a new file, to create 5 files (one for each song). You could also save the one file you have (with the 5 song/tracks) five times (creating the 5 files) then go into each one and delete the tracks you don't want for that file.

    As for creating the mp3's -- what I've done is go to the "Share" menu and send to iTunes. Once in iTunes, you select the song and click the "Advanced" menu and "convert to mp3." You could also "Share" in GarageBand and send to disk, then import into iTunes as mp3.

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