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    Need Help Organizing Itunes
    I need help to organize my itunes. I have manually been doing it for about 2 weeks but everyone knows that is very slow.

    I have about 1000 songs and I had alot of burned cd's and such. I am trying to do the following:

    I want the Song Name, Artist, Album, and Album art to be correct for each song.

    I usually have to manually search for Song Name, Album, and Artist and then I can use a script to get Album art.

    But is there any script or easier way to find song names or correct wrong ones?

    I am trying to get my itunes ready for when my ipod touch comes in

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    I use a program called mpfreaker... it works really well, i have a library of about 29000 songs and it doesnt miss a beat. Another way to do it, which would still take some time, would be to select all songs from one artist and put the artists name for all of them, then select all the songs on an album and put the album name, then do each song. mpfreaker would probably be a little faster though

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    is there anyone that is free?

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