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    Flip for Mac and .wm files.
    I've always used Flip for Mac for playing Windows Media Player files (.wma) and found it excellent. Recently I have received several files from Windows based friends which are .wm files. They tell me that they play on Windows Media Player 11, however I can't seem to play them on my Mac.

    I have reinstalled Flip for Mac with the latest version, however it hasn't helped.

    Any ideas?


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    you could probably use visualhub to convert them to .mp4

    *or try perian: the swiss army knife for quicktime...

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    I downloaded flip4mac as well and it did nothing. I can't even use it as a paper-weight since it's software.
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    AFAIK, WM 10 and WM 11 are not supported in any way on the Mac.

    The reasons are partly to do with DRM and partly to do with the way WM10 and 11 use DirectX filters to display the media correctly, something that is buried deep within the guts of the NT kernel.
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