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    Exclamation Help!!!! :) new mac big audio editing problems!
    OK so I searched the forum and didnt find anything that would help solve my froblem so here goes.. A friend of mine recently gave me his G4 cause he got the new intel mac I was pretty stoked to say the least cause I can now bring my work home and continue working here cause I have a mac... for years now I have been using Acid to write music and now that I have a mac I've got Ableton Live to play with (Program rawks by the way :2cents: ) but now I have a great big problem..

    all my songs are saved as acd or files for use with Acid were thaking over 100 songs... but sony dosn't make Acid for OSX are there any mac applications that will allow me to open and edit those files or maybe convert them to something else like a pro tools, logic, garage band session etc? can anyone help me?

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    look into Bitheadz Phrazer, the Mac equiv of Acid

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