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    Question Pro Vs. Express
    Hi all,

    I have a bit of a two-tiered question here, so bear with me...

    I'm gearing up (i.e. waiting until I can afford) to buy a mac to begin making some music. I've decided that once I've bought the Mac and the Logic programme I'll do a Logic 101 course to make sure I understand everything fully, with a view to then begining a course next May in Electronic music production.

    So my Question 1 is, am I better off going for Logic Pro or Express? I suppose the style of music I want to make would be classed as folkatronic, which means I'd want there to be some cool electro influences but at the same time I'd like to end up recording my vocals and piano and then melding them all together, with a few other electric bits and pieces thrown in (although don't think I want to add any more live instruments). My goal is to produce something with logic that sounds like something professional.

    On to Question 2...hope you're still awake! I'm planning to buy the 15" Macbook Pro with 2.2Ghz and 120GB hard drive (in other words, the cheapest) and I was just wondering whether this would be sufficient for me to use with whichever logic software I decide on. Would it be a good idea to increase the GB, or even to get a computer with a higher Ghz?

    As you can tell I'm a novice in all things production-related, but I'm also really motivated to do this, but I just don't want to get the wrong gear, or gear that's needlessly advanced.

    Feel free to direct me to any previous posts on these subjects.

    Thanks much for your help.


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    Logic P or E will work with that macbook pro.

    With pro, you gain more channels to record to and I think it's more channels that can be recorded at once? I may be wrong on that but I've heard express can only record 10 simultaneous inputs at one time. No big deal unless you're doing live recording with huge drumsets or orchestras or anything like that. You also get more plugins and several other useful features. If you're going to be doing this professionally and you know that Logic is going to be your tool of choice, pro may be the way to go.
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