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    Problems with garageband
    Getting garageband to work with midi keyboard.
    I recently bought a macbook pro. I am a musician so garageband is an absolute must. So I installed the driver for the M-Audio USB Midi Uno. However I cannot find the driver for my keyboard. it is a Yamaha DGX-200 portable grand. I tried the driver for the dgx-203 but it didn't seem to work. If anyone can tell me where to find the driver for the dgx-200 that would be great.

    Also, how do you set-up a midi keyboard in the midi/audio program in utilities, when no midi devices are detected?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, patsfan459.

    It seems that your Yamaha DGX-200 keyboard is Windoze compatible only. If it's new I'd trade it in for a model that works on more than one platform and that is Mac compatible. How long have you had this keyboard?

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    windows compatibility
    Well I have had my dgx-200 for two years. According to the manual it is compatible with mac. It says that you have to change the external clock in garageband to match the external clock setting on the keyboard. How do you change the external clock setting in garageband?

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    I looked up the driver downloads for your MIDI keyboard and an .exe was starting to download: the Yamaha website didn't even give me a list of possible drivers so that's why I thought it was WIndoze-only.

    I'd suggest you look into the GarageBand help section. In case you are wondering how to access this, in the menubar at the right of Window.
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    Neither the Yamaha site nor the GarageBand help have information that will solve this problem. The Yamaha site says my piano will work with Macs, too, but so far - simply doesn't.

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