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    Help with my built in MIC
    alright just got a macbook the other day. and i heard that this has a built in mic already. so i plugged a headphones so i can here myself better. then after, i spoke to the mic but i cant here myself. so i went to system preferences then sound then input. internal microhpone is highlighted but still nothing. i can see the bar moving so it seems working. but still i cant here myself. same thing when i plug my guitar directly to the line in port. i cant here anything but the bar from the sound setting is moving.. i really need some help.

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    built-in adio problem
    make sure that mute is not checked in Input or Output dial. box.

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    are you doing this in garageband?

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    There is a little app called Jack that will allow you to route the sound from the mic to the output. You can probably do it in Garage Band and for sure in Amadeus which is a sound editing app. I tried Jack and got it to work but be sure to use headphones as you will get feedback from the Mic to the Speakers. That is why it's off by default! Here is a URL to Jack.

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