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Thread: converting .wav to .aac?

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    converting .wav to .aac?
    so here the deal,

    Just picked up a new phone yesterday and I can make my own ringtones from my .mp3s (because 1.99 for a 15 second snippet is BUT size is a big problem for me since .wav takes a fair amount of space up (by the way I'm using Audacity to make the files) and I see the regular ringtones it came with are all .acc which seems to barely take up any space but theres no option in Audacity that lets me convert them to .acc so I'm wondering if there is a program that can convert them...preferably shareware aka FREE lol

    by the way...
    connecting it to my iMac through bluetooth was easy as pie! Man do I love this thing!
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    iTunes will do it. Just set the preference.
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    You'll probably get a lot of use out of ffmpeg

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIDE View Post
    You'll probably get a lot of use out of ffmpeg
    Right, thanks for a link.

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