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Thread: Garage band Master track?

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    Garage band Master track?
    I looked for the answer to this in help but couldn't find it. So when you in garageband and you have master track diplayed you can fade it in and out, but is there a way just to fade only on instrument not the entire song? Hopefully that makes sense...


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    Click the triangle next to the instrument on the left of the screen. This allows you to mix the volume and the stereo pan. A line will appear that runs the length of the track. Click on this line and a dot will appear to indicate the start of the change. Click again and another dot will appear. You can drag this horizontally along the track to the next point of change, and raise or lower it within the track to adjust the volume.

    This might read as being quite complicated but, as with everything Apple, it's actually pretty easy. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

    Hope this helps.
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