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    Simple Cut-n-Paste Editing Question
    Hi everyone, glad to finally be in the family of Macs, so here we go.

    I'm not very versed when it comes to audio editing but what I have in mind is very simple a novice should be able to achieve with little effort. Prior to the Mac, I was using Syntrillium Cool Edit96/Pro to record as I play tunes then do my cut-n-paste job. Basically there are tracks that are part mixes that I want to rip to WAV or AIFF in the Mac world, then recompile them. When attempting to record what is being played through iTunes with Quicktime Pro, I'm getting ambient noise through the mic on my MBP. I would like to isolate noise outside of what is being played through iTunes. I'm also stumped as to what software is best to use for this task at hand. Tried to play with GarageBand but I don't see anything intuitive enough in there.

    Hope that's coherent enough to get a meaningful reply or two.

    Thanks and love what you've done with the place

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    G'day Supercooled & welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Firstly, what format are the files that you are recording? You are playing them via iTunes and using QT Pro to record as they play?

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    Only have time for a quick reply atm.

    I use iTunes to play MP3s of DJ mixes. So far I've played with QTP to do the recording since it was the only application I had on hand. On the PC side, I have working knowledge of CoolEdit which eventually became an Adobe application now known as Audition. Similar interface with similar functions.

    I use iTunes pretty extensively as my player on the Mac since all my collection comprises of MP3 and some Flac which I use VLC for.

    Hope that helps and thank you for the welcome.

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    So tell me if this is wrong, but you play certain mp3's and record them as 1 continuous piece of music, is that what you use QT Pro for? To join the mp3's up?

    I'm trying to get it right so I can advise you properly and I'm unsure exactly what you are doing or what you need, that's why I need to ask.

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    The tracks are from various DJ sets. What I need is to record them into WAV/AIFF form first then do cross fading to make it as seamless as possible. Typically, there are only 1 or 2 tracks I really dig from a set so I'd like to make a "master" copy of the desired tracks and mix my own set.

    Hope that clears up the confusion.

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