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    I recently bought a Denon DRA-F102DAB reciever, and are now looking for a way to play my digital music on it, either through my Ipod, directly from my Mac or with an Airport Extreme. As I have realised through browsing through numerous forums, the best way to get the music from the computer to the stereo is to import cd's with lossless quality and and connect the computer to the stereo with a toslink digital cable.

    Unfortunatly I download most of my music through Itunes, so the format is fixed, and I do not have a digital in on my stereo (which really annoyed me when I found out just now). In the reviews for Airport Express they say there is a notably difference between the digital and analogue signal from the Aiport.

    - Is there a digital to analogue cable (or an adapter) that will maintain most of the "digital quality" of the audio, or is there no other option than to use the minijack to the RCA and live with the analogue sound quality.

    - Is there less difference between the digital and analogue signal when one connects it directly from the computer instead of an Airport Extreme?


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    Why not simply connect the Headphone/sound out 1/8 jack on your Mac to a 1/8 to 2 cable RCA cable and then run said cable to the input on the stereo unit? This is what I have done and it works fine. You can only maintain the Digital quality if you use the Optical out to an Optical In on your stereo.

    If you want to wirelessly stream I would recommend THIS. A bit pricey but it works well, I have one.

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    Guess, the only alternative would be to get a receiver with a digital in, shame there is not the usual 30 day return policy the place where i bought the receiver

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