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    Drum Loop Program - Mac
    Hello all,

    i just made the switch to mac, and i'm looking for a drum loop program. On my PC I was using Acoustica Beatcraft, and it worked perfectly for what i was doing (it was just the computer that sucked).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you tried garage band?
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    yes, but i haven't spent more then a few hours with it so far.

    i looked around it for a bit, but i haven't yet seen the type of beat editor i'm looking for.

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    Try this: open GarageBand - start a new project - double click on the "eye" in the lower left hand - loops pop up - select a green loop and drag it into the main window above ( you will see a "+" sign when you are above the track window, just let the loop go) - now double click on the loop in the track window, should show a magnified version of the loop at the bottom - now you can modify, delete or add notes anywhere you want. It's basically just MIDI drums, you can make anything out of it. And, if you do not like the sound of the kit you are using just delete it and start from another loop that sounds more like what you want.
    I personally use Reason to make beats quite a lot. It works in conjunction with Recycle which is a loop editor. They are expensive if your just fooling around. Also try iDrum? ($70).

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