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    Using garageband loops off a DVD
    I upgraded to the 80gb hard drive when buying my new macbook thinking it would give me enough room for all my files as well as allow me to use parallels or bootcamp, but it just isn't enough. I am now trying to find ways of removing things I don't need, one being garageband loops. I rarely use garageband so removing garageband loops would not effect me too much. I still use it occasonally so I would like to have them on a DVD that I could pop in and drag them onto my hard drive and then after my project, just delete them again. is this possible? if so, can I literally just drag the folder to a dvd and then delete them from the my hard drive without any problems when running the garageband?

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    You should probably get an external drive; you could actually get a faster drive than what you have inside your computer now. Check this link out for external drive loops.

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    I'd tend to listen to mikebishop2 on this one. The problem with putting them on DVD is that it will take GB forever to load them, and it may be a pain in the *** to search through them to find what you are looking for. I know of someone who tried this before, and thought that it was too much of a pain in the rear to make it work properly.

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    Another vote for an external drive. I bought a 320GB External Firewire drive for $140 in a store(!) which is faster than my internal 100GB 5200rpm drive on my MacBook. I have all my samples on the external drive and use Logic with multiple tracks... it's incredibly fast.

    Make sure you get a Firewire drive, not a USB one.
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