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    Question digital interface
    i would like to run protools and/or logic, i'm a virgin to mac-recording, what kind of interface is prefered on the new G5 macpro quad? (which i would like to purchase very soon) . i would like to run 8 drum mics into the computer at once, if anyone has any info on a prefered set-up, could you please drop a few suggestions.? thx

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    Hey, as long as you've got the pre amp to take 8 XLR or "1/4 channels, just about all of the programs available will be great. Anything from Logic pro for $1K to GrageBand (free with your new mac) will work great with The new MacPro Quad (Not a G5) it's crazy fast but GarageBand is what I use on the road with my little g4 powerbook work horse! I hope this helps!

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