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    Difference between Logic Pro and Reason
    I'm just wondering what the difference is between a program like Logic Pro and Reason.

    Is Logic more for sequencing and production whereas Reason is more synthesizing sounds?

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    Not so much anymore.

    Reason does have sequencere functionality, albiet nowhere near as advanced as Logic Pro's. Sound-wise, it has a 'modular' pattern to it. This means that you have bunch of sound modules (synths, drum machines, effects) and you plug them all into a mixer - basically, this is the same as Logic Pro! The one limitation of Reason, is that you cannot record any audio. It's purely sample/synth based.

    Logic Pro, however, is a full-flight audio recording/audio instrument-using DAW - the 'Pro' in the title kinda gives this away! As a lontime, hardcore Logic user, I can't recomment it enough. It. Does. Everything.

    You've got some AMAZING synths, better than Reason without a doubt. And, the processing pluggins are far, FAR better.

    In a word, Logic is just great.

    If you want sound synthesis, something like Reaktor would be more the way to go. That's totally modular and you can build sounds/instruments from scratch.

    Hope this helps a little.

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