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    garageband help

    i want to monitor two real instruments on garageband so i can hear them being played as they are being recorded but unfortunately it only allows me hear one. i tried selecting monitor for both but ultimately i can only hear the track that is highlighted. if anyone could help at all it'd be much appreciated


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    Have you checked apple's support site or the help program? Often these are both very usefull for problems like this.
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    I'm not too au fait with the terminology used in GB. 'Real Instruments' means audio files, right

    I'm not sure if GB allows monitoring of more than one recording source at the point of recording. This said, check that you don't have each source 'soloed' (the headphone icon) as this would limit your monitoring.

    Do you have problems playing back multiple audio tracks?

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    I think that you can only monitor one at a time. What sort of instruments are you trying to record at the same time? I've recorded on two channels before (one a mic'd guitar, and the other with my guitar plugged into the pre-amp) but I think that it was only one that was monitored.

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    Are you only using the computer or do you have any external devices for instance a USB Mobil Pre (Very common)
    If you have something like this and are recording 2 tracks and, duh, have monitor "on" you can hear both real instruments in your headphones. Let me know what exactly you are using/plugging in and I can try to help

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    A simple but problematic twist to this is that when I first tried to enable a second track for recording while a first track was already enabled I would get the message "Cant Enable Track For Recording". This is sometimes the result of having the same input channel selected for both tracks. So first check that you have not selected the same input channel for the two. Also, in a very Mac way, I have to hold down shift to arm the second track when the first is already armed for input/recording. If I do not hold down the shift it will give you the not able to record error. I am NOT monitoring from the computer however, I am using an M-Audio MobilePre, so my setup may differ.

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