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    saving mp3's in Soundtrack Pro
    When I open an existing mp3 in Soundtrack Pro, do some editing on the song, and then attempt to save the changes, again as an mp3, I am unable to do so for some reason.

    When the track is first opened, Soundtrack Pro automatically decompresses the mp3, and I am seemingly unable to compress it back to an mp3 when the song editing is done.

    My choices under the Save As menu in Soundtrack Pro are: audio file project / AIFF / WAVE/ NeXT / Sound Desinger II / QuickTime Movie.

    Where is the mp3 option under the Save As menu?

    Thanks for any tips!

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    just save it as an aiff and convert it to mp3 in itunes. its a simple solution if you are unable to export as an mp3 in the program itself
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    Right. It's too bad, though, that Soundtrack Pro does not have the ability to save files in MP3 format.
    Quite surprising, actually...

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